About Avema

Avema's clients benefit from the deepest technical expertise in the industry to provide full service support to their employees, and to keep their wireless costs contained.

Having worked hands on with every model of equipment and every software application from every major vendor in the mobile ecosystem, we make recommendations to our clients on the most effective use of these. Technologies that we work with regularly include not just smartphones and tablets, but also the servers that enterprises require, and security and support software, such as Mobile Device Management.

Deepest technical expertise in the industry

Our clients leverage our years of expertise in working with hundreds of clients:

  • Over 200 wireless carriers outsource technical support for mobile devices to us.
  • Our executives have worked closely with mobile hardware vendors since 1992, many years before the first generation of smartphones were released.
  • We provide technical training to carriers and their partners on behalf of major hardware and software vendors.
  • We are a beta site for some of the biggest brands in the mobile industry.