Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Company Improves Service Levels, and Saves Millions

This pharmaceutical company wanted to reduce wireless costs and streamline operating processes. They also wanted to provide the highest quality of support to their employees, specifically their salespeople. They had one employee focused on management of wireless services, but as the number of devices grew, it became overwhelming. When they contacted Avema, they had 2800 devices, had installed MDM software, and had several mobile OS' in use.

The company had used another wireless management firm in the past, but didn't see any significant benefit. Avema was contracted to provide full help desk support, and eventually was hired on to manage their MDM servers as well. Support levels were increased, and SLAs were exceeded, meaning that the company's salespeople could focus more on their work, instead of spending time dealing with mobile devices.

Avema also helped this company to generate savings by negotiating contracts, optimizing rates, and improving usage management. In total, they achieved $1.4 million per year in savings, a significant ROI that paid for the full suite of mobile management services many times over.


Building Materials Company Gains Control of Wireless

Before coming to Avema, this company had no structure in place for managing wireless. Employees dealt with their devices individually and expensed them to the company. Upgrade eligibilities were not being tracked, and there were no controls on costs of devices. 150 bills and 150 cheques were processed by the company each month.

It wasn't feasible to have a full-time employee focus on cell phones, so they decided to outsource all of the procurement, help desk and bill management to Avema.

$5,000 to $6,000 per month is how much the client estimates they are now saving, far more than Avema's fees. Policies and procedures are in place. They have control back. The Accounts Payable process is reduced to one cheque per vendor, and the entire process now takes only two minutes per month.


Natural Resources Company

An energy company already had a TEM provider, aggressive pricing from their main carrier, and an annual spend of $12 million on wireless, voice, and data services amongst 55 vendors and 344 billing accounts. They switched to Avema because they were impressed with Avema's 100% ROI Guarantee and the software tools available.

Wireless costs were reduced 20% by renegotiating contracts, improving usage management, and eliminating unused services. 10% of their 2000 wireless devices were identified as unnecessary, thanks to better inventory management and email reports to managers. AVM's alerts identified users with more than $120 per month in wireless spend, and this list was reduced from 100 users to only a trickle, resulting in further savings.

90% of employees began paying attention to their wireless costs after receiving emailed usage reports from Avema, whereas the reports on spend breakdown from the previous TEM provider had contained limited information and wasn't useful to employees. Increased visibility into telecom expenses also helped to identify landlines that were no longer needed, questionable items on the bills, and rates that were higher than contracted. This resulted in an additional savings of $250,000 per year.

In total, the first year savings were close to $1 million.