Buyer's Guide to Mobile Device Management

An Insider's View of the MDM Market

This guide is intended to give the reader an "insider's view" of the market – getting to the bottom line of the key criteria for how most companies decide on MDM software.

The information contained in this document is based on experience from working hands-on with all of the major MDM software applications in live customer environments. Topics include:

  • Shortlist of top MDM software
  • Explanation of different security approaches
  • Technical decision criteria
  • What to expect for pricing

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Other Resources on Mobile Device Management

Executive Brief on MDM

This whitepaper describes the basics of Mobile Device Management, the category of software addressing security and control for iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.

Some key questions are answered, such as:

  • Why is MDM important for mobile security?
  • How does MDM fit within my IT security policy?
  • How much does MDM cost?

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