MDM Selection and Rapid Deployment

The Mobile Device Management market is in its early stages, and only started to gain traction in 2011. It is evolving, constantly changing. Avema will be your guide to help you make the best software decision, get it right the first time, and implement MDM in less time, with less cost.

Avema has deep experience, from working hands-on with all of the major MDM software applications. We manage the day-to-day administration of MDM for many corporate clients, and have also helped hundreds of companies to select the most appropriate MDM software for their requirements. We’ve also helped some companies replace MDM software from previous failed implementations.

Avema will help you to sift through the marketing promises, and determine which software will work best for your organization. And it will cost you less than if you tried to do it all on your own.

MDM Rapid Implementation includes:

  • Consultation – Avema will review your goals and specific requirements, and help you make the best selection on MDM software.
  • Installation – Most failed MDM projects are due to poor installation. Because it involves integration with existing network services and other software, it can be very complex. We have experience installing MDM software for hundreds of companies, so you can be assured that we will perform your installation professionally.
  • Training – Avema will provide training for your administrators, so that you can manage the software efficiently.
  • Price negotiation – Pricing in the MDM market is shifting as competition heats up. We will help ensure that you’re not paying more than necessary, only what is required.

Because we will help you to obtain the most aggressive pricing for seat licenses and maintenance, the MDM Rapid Implementation service will easily pay for itself.

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