Why Real-time Smartphone Usage Tracking Should Be a Key Feature in Your Choice of Mobile Device Management Solutions

In this new age of digital technology, where more work is increasingly done out on the road, the smartphone takes pride of place in business above that of the traditional office. That's why taking the decision to implement effective mobile device management solutions in your business is now more critical than ever. Not only can they help streamline communication channels but they can also help cut the cost of rising charges. Here's how.

Tracking International Roaming

Detection features that can alert wireless administrators to internationally roaming users are of major benefit to cost-cutting businesses. Couple this with the feature of automatic disabling these roaming cost-incurring smartphone devices and businesses can really help protect their profits. Using a smartphone abroad is one sure fire way of racking up a monster bill.

Tracking Inactive Devices

Tracking unused or inactive devices is another key component of mobile device management solutions designed to help save on bills. There's no point paying the on-going operation costs of a smartphone if it's not being used in line with its talk or data plan. Especially when there's a different carrier out there offering a cheaper or more suitable package.

Usage Allotments

Providing different people with varying amounts of smartphone usage is a good move for any company. Why pay a higher price for giving a certain employee unlimited usage when their position simply doesn't call for it? By being able to set variable usage allotment levels for each network user, a business can ensure that the right people are using the right phones at the right time. Maximum efficiency.

Location Identification

Through GPS-based location identification technology, mobile device management solutions can help businesses keep track of the location of their staff. Not only does such a feature increase productivity by putting certain employees closer to strategic business points, but it also makes for tighter data security too.

Data Usage Information And Summary Dashboards

With a summary dashboard for international roaming users and the ability for a network user to view their own usage levels, employers can save themselves precious time by handing responsibility directly to the user. This real-time tracking feature shows trust. An essential step to increasing morale.