Telecom Expense Management for the Leading Edge Enterprise

The Advanced Vendor Management (AVM) system delivers the infrastructure to manage your voice, data, and wireless processes and costs. You will gain greater control over your vendors, inventory, and costs. With AVM, you can be more effective, and do more with fewer resources. You will save time and money with more effective telecom expense management.

Save money

Reduce your voice, data, and wireless overhead costs. Ensure competitive pricing. Expose billing errors and waste. Gartner estimates that the average enterprise overpays telecom bills by 5-10%.

Save time

Automate your administrative tasks and reduce time spent on manual processes. Free up time for focusing on higher business priorities.

All your information in one place

AVM consolidates your telecommunications data in one place. It lets you effectively and easily manage costs and inventory from any web browser. Your department managers, administrators, accounting and procurement groups can easily view and analyze this data from any angle, without advanced computer or database skills.

AVM includes a preliminary assessment of your voice, data, and wireless environments, AVM system and process setup, ongoing invoice entry and management, web-hosted software to access and maintain your telecommunications data, software training, and full support.

TEM Software as a Service

Reliable enterprise class technology

Built with industry standard enterprise technologies, AVM is scalable for the largest implementations.

Multinational capabilities

With an architecture designed for multiple currencies and languages, AVM is an ideal choice for the largest multinational companies with complex requirements and global operations.

Wireless, voice, and data all consolidated

Most telecom management software is designed for a specific task, such as wireless cost optimization, or invoice processing. The AVM platform enables you to manage all telecom costs from the same application.