IBM Adds Hosted Mobile Device Management Service

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IBM has announced that it will be entering the Mobile Device Management ring with the introduction of an MDM service aimed at enterprises “embracing employees bringing their own devices.”

IBM has partnered with Juniper Networks to provide this cloud-based service, which is expected to be offered at a price of $3-$10 per device.

In its press release, IBM makes specific mention of their intention to include the capability of “protecting against spyware and viruses” on the mobile devices under management.  Such functionality could be a differentiator in the MDM space. It will be interesting to see how this product is able to accomplish something not typically mentioned in other MDM products.

Companies that are most likely to use the IBM MDM service are ones that are already outsourcing IT management to IBM, which, of course, tend to be very large companies.

Google, who has announced plans to support the BYOD trend by offering an MDM-like service, echoed this strategy. 

The fact that these tech heavyweights consider BYOD important enough to invest resources in it supports the industry consensus that mobility and IT are making a significant shift with the consumerization of IT. 

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