Objectives: Part Four of the Best Practices of Those Who Manage Enterprise Telecom

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This is the fourth post in our series discussing the best practices of those who are responsible for managing enterprise telecom.  Click to read the firstsecond and third posts.

objectives to manage enterprise telecom

Working On Your Organization’s Objectives

Management doesn’t recognize what you’re doing unless you tell them. Communicating your value as an enterprise telecom manager, as we discussed in our previous post, is part of the solution. 

But this communication needs to be a two-way street. A telecom manager with one of Avema’s clients, a large retailer, worked pro-actively with other departments within the organization to develop a solution to a market opportunity. You need to do likewise – find out what your organization’s needs are, and then see how you can become part of the solution. 

This means talking with other people in the company, and also reading the trade press not just of the telecom industry, but of your organization’s industry as well. Are you in a retail organization? Government? Healthcare? Hospitality? If you aren’t already reading up on these publications, make sure to find out where you can access them, and spend some time keeping up to date on industry trends. Chances are, many others throughout your organization already subscribe to these publications.

Networking with your industry peers is a great way to share information about upcoming trends. Organizations such as the ACUTA, the Association for College and Univeristy Technology Advancement (www.acuta.org), and NASTD, Technology Professionals Serving State Government (www.nastd.org), are examples of organizations focusing on telecom professionals within an industry.  Also, associations focused on technology professionals and the unique challenges they face are an excellent way to network with your peers.  The CIO Association of Canada (www.ciocan.ca) provides a way for technology professionals to connect outside of their industry.

By connecting with other telecom and technology professionals, you can share ideas and discuss challenges that you both may be facing.  Ensure that you are aware of industry trends, as well as technology trends, and discuss these with your executive team.  Once you have uncovered and clarified overall organizational objectives, you can more easily align your telecom management strategy to meet those objectives.  

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