Top Five Mobile Challenges for CIOs in 2012

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Article published in Wireless Business & Technology:

2012 is shaping up to be a challenging year for CIOs as they figure out how to safely embrace the slew of mobile devices entering their networks. Smartphones and tablets are seriously threatening the IT status quo, and CIOs who fail to adapt and get ahead of this technological upheaval risk getting pink slips and seeing themselves replaced by more agile colleagues.

Clearly, 2012 is the year that organizations of all shapes and sizes must come to terms with their mobile problem. Here are five serious mobile challenges CIOs will have to deal with in 2012…


There is so much happening with mobility in the enterprise, and it’s happening so quickly. We expect to see many more companies looking for outside help in the form of managed services, as it will be very difficult to keep up with all these demands.

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