Would you pay your carrier to manage mobile devices?

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Here’s an interesting take on carriers managing mobile devices: http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobile-technology/uh-oh-the-carriers-want-manage-your-smartphones-181055?page=0,1

“There’s a whole industry called telecom expense management (TEM) that exists solely because carrier bills cannot be trusted to be accurate. Despite years of claimed work by carriers on their billing systems, the bills remain untrustworthy, and (surprise!) they tend to overcharge. This is a provider you’d want to give more business and trust?”

It’s true, as a TEM company, we keep adding on more customers who recognize that they’re paying more to carriers than they need to.


“Have you ever called a carrier for support on your device? Or brought one in to a retail store? If so, you know the experience is almost always poor. Would any business seriously go in that direction?”

The customers who outsource mobile support to us do so because they don’t want their employees fussing with carrier reps, call center wait times, etc. 


A better solution is to outsource mobile management to a company dedicated to exactly that. Of course, I’m a little biased on that.

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