Even IBM Is Struggling With BYOD

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“The trend toward employee-owned devices isn’t saving IBM any money, says Jeanette Horan, who is IBM’s chief information officer and oversees all the company’s internal use of IT. Instead, she says, it has created new challenges for her department of 5,000 people, because employees’ devices are full of software that IBM doesn’t control.” http://www.technologyreview.com/business/40324/?p1=BI IBM […]

Will RIM’s MDM Software Be a Winner?

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RIM announced yesterday that they are getting closer to launching Mobile Fusion, an extension of their Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) software that includes support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s currently in beta testing, and their target release date is the end of March, 2012. The Mobile Device Management software category has gotten […]

IBM Adds Hosted Mobile Device Management Service

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IBM has announced that it will be entering the Mobile Device Management ring with the introduction of an MDM service aimed at enterprises “embracing employees bringing their own devices.” IBM has partnered with Juniper Networks to provide this cloud-based service, which is expected to be offered at a price of $3-$10 per device. In its press […]

Google joins the Mobile Device Management Bandwagon

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Google has recently announced plans to offer a Mobile Device Management (MDM) type of service within the Google App suite. This service will allow the basic management and policy enforcement of corporate iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. It’s too early to say how well the functionality and features compare to established MDM vendors. Google […]

Jailbroken, Rooted, and Compromised Mobile Devices – What Does That Mean?

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You may have heard the terms “jailbroken” or “rooted” in relation to Apple iOS and Google Android devices. This is the concept of altering the device operating system for the purposes of removing or circumventing restrictions. The OS’ which power smartphones and tablets are specifically designed to be restrictive.  There are free software packages available […]