Create Mobile User Profiles Based on Business Need

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We’ve been discussing 10 rules to help reduce your mobile costs.  Step three means assessing your business needs in order to create mobile user profiles.

Mobile user profiles should be based on need


Rule #3 – Create Mobile User Profiles Based on Business Need

Wireless devices and services should be allotted based on what employees need to do their jobs. To determine best fit, companies should establish user categories, or mobile user profiles, based on job type. Salespeople who work in the field, for example, might determine one group. Senior managers who travel internationally might have a different set of needs. Those in production might be another category.

To determine the needs of each group, consult with the appropriate stakeholders and ask some tough questions. For example, look at a department like sales support. Do their people really need smartphones? If some do because they spend time on the road, create a subcategory. Which are essential? Which are “nice to have’s”? Which are totally inappropriate?

Next, determine the average usage and spend per employee within each functional group. A good guideline is the behavior of well-respected employees. In sales, what is the typical usage of the top producers? For individuals who are rarely on the road, what is the minimum they can get by with? For managers, what is the purpose of having the device? To keep in touch with the office? To communicate with customers? The answers to these questions will help choose the most appropriate strategy.


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