How moving to pooled plans can reduce mobile expenses

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So what are the 10 essential rules for reducing wireless expenses?  Let’s start with rule number one.

Moving to pooled plans can significantly reduce mobile expenses

Rule #1 – Move to Pooled Plans

Industry studies have shown that savings from this single step can reduce mobile expenses by 40% or more, and this has been the case with many of Avema’s customers. With a pooled plan, employees draw from a common airtime allotment. Usage is reported on a single invoice which is broken down by device.

Pooled plans cost less, and open the door to other additional savings. For example, with a central plan, it is much easier to monitor usage, allowing managers to set limits, not to mention keep track of spending for budgeting purposes.

Receiving a single invoice from your mobile carrier can significantly lower administrative costs, and reduce the time spent on invoice processing.  Without needing to wade through multiple invoices, accounting can focus their time on other issues.

By consolidating mobile expenses with one carrier, companies are in a stronger position to negotiate lower rates, and choose plans that best suit the business.  This is one key way to reduce mobile expenses.

There is one provision – to get to pooled plans, you have to follow Rule #2.  Follow our blog to find out more.


If you would like help reducing your wireless costs, or would like advice on how to better negotiate your wireless contracts, please contact Avema for a free consultation.

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