Think Before You Buy: Procure Wireless Devices Rationally

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We’ve been discussing 10 rules to help reduce your mobile costs.  Rule number five may seem pretty obvious, but then again, every employee wouldn’t mind a shiny new device.



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Rule #5 – Procure Wireless Devices Rationally

Procuring wireless devices can certainly be interesting.  Weighing the pros and cons of different devices and plans is not a task to be taken lightly.  When a company procures office equipment, such as printers, computers, or office furniture, a rational cost/benefit process is undertaken.

However, when it comes to wireless devices, all caution seems to go out the window. Bells and whistles mysteriously become “must haves”. Suddenly, Joe from accounting who never travels has a critical need for an iPhone with an unlimited data plan.  Since a wireless phone is such a personal piece of equipment, and used often not just for work, employees are eager to have the latest and greatest edition.

The best approach to take in procuring wireless devices for your employees is to establish several “standard issue” devices that are ordered by the purchasing department and assigned based on usage profile. The key is to make sure these are economical yet provide the full functionality required – falling short will lead to frustration and rogue spending.

As with many other products, the device that’s best suited for a particular employee need may not be the “coolest” or the most widely advertised. If some employees are particularly distressed with their choices, you can explore upgrade options with a possible cost attached.  Exercising restraint may disappoint some, but the company’s bottom line will be grateful.


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