Keep track of your mobile inventory

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We’ve been discussing 10 rules to help reduce your mobile costs.  You’d be surprised how often rule number seven gets overlooked.


keep track of your mobile inventory


Rule #7 – Do a Comprehensive Mobile Inventory

Wireless devices are small and tough to keep track of. Without conducting a regular mobile inventory, devices can accumulate or disappear, and in the wireless world, this can be an expensive problem. Many Avema clients discover, for example, that there are no users to match some of the user accounts they are being billed for. Without an accurate inventory, or some sort of wireless expense management platform, phones with zero usage will continue to cost the company money.

Devices are also frequently stolen or lost. In addition to the cost, this can pose significant security risks as a device can be both a key to the corporate network, and a carrier of sensitive company information.  There can also be a large number of unnecessary “spares” being stored in various locations, which may or may not contain sensitive data.

One of our clients discovered months after they acquired a smaller company, and staff had left the organization, that they were still paying for hundreds of personal devices.  If they had been tracking their mobile inventory, this problem would have been uncovered immediately, and that money would never have been wasted.  Trying to recover costs from ex-employees is a time-consuming and often fruitless task.


If you would like help reducing your wireless costs, or would like advice on how to better negotiate your wireless contracts and track your mobile inventory, please contact Avema for a free consultation.

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