Goal Setting: Part Two of the Best Practices of Those Who Manage Telecom

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This is the second post in our series discussing the best practices of those who are responsible for managing enterprise telecom.  Read the first post here.

goal setting to manage telecom services

Setting Goals

An important part of success in telecom management, as in any endeavor, is to set goals, write them down, and focus on your target. We work far more effectively when we have strong goals that we are committed to and that we believe in, and this is certainly no different for those who manage telecom for their enterprise. Chances are, you’ve heard a lot about goal setting from various self-help gurus, and in the general media. What’s really interesting about the whole concept of goal setting and achieving, is that if asked, most people will agree that it is helpful, yet very few people actually do much about it in their personal or professional lives.

Why does goal setting work? Imagine being given a bow and arrow and pointed towards a target. Chances are, you will be able to get the arrow at least in the vicinity of the target. Now, imagine being blindfolded, spun around, and asked to shoot at the same target. Pretty hard to do, isn’t it? How can you reach a goal, if you don’t even know where it is? Take the blindfold off. The more you focus on that target, the more you practice hitting it, your odds of success increase dramatically.

As human beings, we pay more attention to things that we think more about. Have you ever been shopping for a car, spent some time deciding on a specific model and color, and the more it’s on your mind, the more you notice many of the same model and color car in parking lots, or driving by? Or if you just bought a new piece of clothing, you start to notice other people wearing either something similar, or the exact same thing? 

When you drive, or if you ski, instructors tell you to look towards where you’re going, because you will tend to follow wherever your head and eyes are pointed. If you focus on the road ahead of you, you’ll continue to go straight, however, if you look over at the car next to you, or the landscape off to the side, you will start to veer towards it. 

By setting clear goals, focusing on what you desire as an outcome, and spending more time thinking about it, you are far more likely to reach those goals. Just like the examples with the car and clothing, your mind will more likely pick up pieces of useful information or ideas related to those goals. 

As we have worked with clients over the years, we have witnessed some specific aspects to goal-setting that make it work. 

Goals are ideally set by both the employee and the employer, so that there is an agreed upon metric of how “success” is defined. If your employer isn’t progressive enough to work with you on this, then it’s still a worthwhile exercise to do for yourself.

Goals must be SMART — meaning “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reportable and Timely.” 

Writing your goals is a very effective and proven strategy, because it forces you to dedicate some time to focusing on specifics, and about what your success will be like when you achieve it. The action of picking up a pen and writing your goals also helps to solidify your commitment to the outcome. It also helps to make them public. This is one of the reasons for the success of group-based change-management programs such as Weight Watchers ®. All of these factors will increase your level of success dramatically, if properly applied. What is most important is your own internal dedication to success. 

If you’re serious about achieving top results, it is essential that you spend some time to write down your specific goals as they relate to your enterprise telecom services. Once you have clearly lined out what you want to accomplish in your department, as well as a plan to achieve your goals, then you can begin to truly strategically shape your enterprise telecom services to meet those goals.

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