Roger K. Yang is the founder and CEO of Avema Corporation. Since 1995, Avema has helped hundreds of organizations with their wireless and telecom costs and Roger has been directly involved with most major clients. He recently introduced Avema’s innovative 100% ROI guarantee. He has been a pioneer in telecom and wireless cost optimization software since 1997.

This software powers the operations of firms around the world that deliver telecom expense management services to their own clients.

Roger is also the author of a book entitled “What Great Telecom Managers Know”, several articles and information guides.

He periodically conducts workshops for telecom managers on best practices of telecom environments and expense management.

  • 1995

    Founded As A Telecom Consulting Firm

    Avema has helped hundreds of organizations to better manage their telecommunications costs. Our work has significantly reduced our clients' telecom expenses and resulted in countless refunds from vendors.

  • 2000

    The Beginning of AVM

    Work began on the first version of our Advanced Vendor Management (AVM) software. This Telecom Expense Management platform has evolved to be an integral part of all our operations.

  • 2012


    Avema acquired the TEM businesses of Datex Billing Services in Mississauga, ON, and Breakaway Services, in Denver Colorado.

  • 2021

    Industry Leaders

    Today, Avema provides a full suite of services around management of telecom and mobile services for numerous medium and large companies across North America.