Accessibility Contact

Avema welcomes your feedback on any accessibility barriers that you may have encountered in dealing with us.

The person at Avema responsible for receiving feedback is Patrick Storto.

Feedback can be general or specific, but providing more details such as the date, time and location (physically at our head office or online through one of our applications) may make it easier for us to understand your concerns. Individuals providing feedback can provide personal information and contact information, but they do not have to.

If you want to submit feedback anonymously, please use the webform below. Feedback may also be provided by sending an email to or by phone at (416) 348-7285.

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent for feedback received by email. For feedback provided by telephone, the employee receiving the call will acknowledge the receipt of the feedback at the end of the call.

Feedback will help Avema continuously improve our accessibility efforts. All feedback received will assist Avema as we develop our future accessibility plans.