Avema decided to make the shift from a traditional organizational culture to a Shared Leadership culture (adopted from the Self-Management Institute).

If you enjoy setting your own direction with a little help from your colleagues and strive to achieve the most in your work, keep reading!

Avema hires the most talented and self-motivated people and provides an optimal environment for them to perform their best work.
We believe that when people have control over their own work, it enables them to exceed expectations and accomplish more. We have a very progressive company culture, which includes flexible vacation days, flexible schedules and a casual work environment. Rather than counting hours and days, we measure results. Our organization structure is based on team units, instead of the traditional top-down bureaucratic structure. But this doesn't mean that we don't work hard: we look for candidates who enjoy a challenge, can work effectively with their team, and are top performers in their field.

Avema is getting in line with the paradigm shift in workplace culture. Will you?

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