Accessibility Plan

Avema is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all individuals, including those with disabilities. This Accessibility Plan outlines our commitment to compliance with the Accessible Canada Act and our strategy for promoting accessibility within our organization.

1. Commitment to Accessibility:

Avema is dedicated to providing services, and facilities that are accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities. We are committed to preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and fostering an inclusive culture within our organization.

2. Consultation:

Avema conducted many internal discussions when developing our accessibility plan. We plan to consult with external advocacy groups to help improve our policies.

3. Policy Development:

We plan to develop and implement policies and procedures that promote accessibility and address the needs of individuals with disabilities. These policies will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure compliance with the Accessible Canada Act and to reflect best practices in accessibility.

4. Training and Awareness:

Avema plans to provide training to employees on accessibility-related topics, including how to interact with individuals with disabilities and how to use accessible technology. We plan to raise awareness among employees about the importance of accessibility and their role in creating an inclusive workplace.

5. Communication and Feedback:

We have established a channel for receiving feedback from employees, customers, and other stakeholders regarding accessibility barriers and concerns via our website. Avema will communicate openly and transparently about our accessibility initiatives and progress towards achieving our accessibility goals.

6. Accessibility in Employment:

Avema will ensure that our employment practices are inclusive and accessible to individuals with disabilities, including recruitment, hiring, and accommodation processes. We provide the option to work from home for all our employees to enable them to perform their job duties wherever it is most convenient for them.

7. Procurement of Goods and Services:

We will prioritize suppliers and vendors who demonstrate a commitment to accessibility and the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

8. Monitoring and Evaluation:

We will establish processes for monitoring and evaluating our accessibility initiatives to ensure their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Avema will regularly review our Accessibility Plan and make updates as needed to reflect changes in legislation, technology, and best practices.

Avema is dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. By implementing this Accessibility Plan, we aim to create a barrier-free environment where everyone can participate fully and equally.

Contact Information: For inquiries or feedback regarding accessibility at Avema, please contact: Patrick Storto, Accounting Manager or by phone at (416) 348-7285.

Date of Adoption: June 1st, 2024