More than 94% of our clients have obtained tangible refunds and/or savings through our telecom audit process. Our team of telecom professionals works with all aspects of telecom services and equipment including voice, data, mobile, long distance and toll-free.

Avema can help you reduce mobile expenses by 10-30% without changing vendors.
Additionally, if you have been overcharged by the wireless carriers we can help you obtain refunds.


We will optimize your price plans, rates and contract terms based upon usage patterns. We will benchmark your costs against current competitive market rates to determine the most cost-effective pricing available.


We review your invoices to ensure that the correct rates are being applied and that there are no irregularities or errors. If there are any discrepancies, we will identify them and obtain any refunds due from your vendors.

Asset Optimization

Avema will identify unused services and eliminate unnecessary charges while maintaining hardware that is necessary for infrequent or emergency purposes.


Your time involved in the process will be minimal. Our specialists will take care of everything from analysis to implementation. We leverage our proprietary management software to optimize your ongoing costs. Initially, we will require some of your staff's time to retrieve a few months of your recent invoices, equipment records, contracts and any other information pertaining to telecommunications and mobility costs.

Any further contact will be for clarification and/or detailed information that may be required occasionally.

We conduct the review at our own premises over a period of approximately 2-6 weeks, depending on the volume and complexity of information provided.

Avema will schedule a meeting with you to present our recommendations for your approval before we implement them.
We will update you on the progress as we obtain your refunds and implement your cost savings.


Our analysts will make every necessary effort to ensure that you receive your refunds and that your cost reductions are properly and completely implemented.

Compensation is on a success fee basis as a portion of the results, for either:

  • any refunds obtained from your vendors for overcharges, due upon receipt of a credit or cheque from your vendors
  • any cost reductions in the first year

Alternatively, our services are available on a flat fee or hourly basis.

Everything you need to know about our audit process