Advanced Vendor Management (AVM)

There Are Different Ways To Put Our Services To Action

Self Management.
Avema provides the client with AVM and relevant training

Avema ensures the client is fully capable of managing expenses internally.

Support on a need basis.
Avema consults on provider agreements and ensures the client is receiving best possible pricing.

Hybrid Management.
Avema consults on provider agreements.

Avema ensures the client is receiving the best possible offers and is optimizing on cost and efficiency.

Avema manages the client's cost and billing at an ongoing basis.
Full Management

Avema acts as a middleman between the client and the vendor.

In brief, Avema takes care of everything.

No matter which type of service you choose,
The result is the same!

More On AVM

With AVM you will gain greater control over your vendors, inventory and costs. AVM will enable you to be more effective and use fewer resources. You will save time and money with more effective telecom expense management.

AVM is a highly customized web-based solution capable of processing and manipulating data from small to large providers having 10+ years of experience with the majority of small to large Canadian and US Telecom providers, with footprints in Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

AVM is specifically designed to:

  • To obtain invoice data within 1 or 2 business days of vendor releasing data through its data loader
  • To adapt to changes in vendor data within the same billing cycle
  • To process and validate data in 7 to 10 business days from all international vendors
  • Offer a multi-lingual/currency platform which has been in production for over 10 years and that is completely integrated


Reliable enterprise class technology

Built with industry standard enterprise technologies, AVM is scalable for the largest implementations.

Multinational Capabilities

With an architecture designed for multiple currencies and languages, AVM is an ideal choice for the largest multinational companies with complex requirements and global operations.

Wireless, voice and data all consolidated

Most telecom management software is designed for a specific task such as wireless cost optimization or invoice processing. The AVM platform enables you to manage all telecom costs from the same application.

Expense Management For Telecom And Mobility

Since 1995, Avema has been helping companies get the most out of their telecom budget by helping them manage carrier expenses. As the quantity and usage of wireless devices continue to explode, make sure that your company is on top of the usage trends and is able to manage the change.


Avema has helped hundreds of companies save money on their carrier invoices, in some cases millions of dollars per year.
These savings generally more than pay for the entire range of mobile management services.
In addition to optimized pricing and lower mobile expenses, your company will benefit from reduced administrative costs and better management of usage.

Save Time

  • Automate your administrative tasks and reduce time spent on manual processes
  • Free up time for focusing on higher business priorities

Save Money

  • Reduce your voice, data and wireless overhead costs
  • Ensure competitive pricing. Expose billing errors and waste
  • Gartner estimates that the average enterprise overpays telecom bills by 5-10%

Powerful Software Tools

With Advanced Vendor Management (AVM) software we can help reduce time spent on administration such as cost allocations and invoice payment.

Some functions that you can benefit from include:

  • E-mail reports to employees and managers, helping with accountability for usage and costs
  • Track device usage and make sure to cancel unused services
  • Track inventory of equipment and telecom services
  • Receive notification of abnormal usage patterns through e-mailed alerts

All your information in one place

AVM consolidates your telecommunications data in one place. It lets you effectively and easily manage costs and inventory from any web browser. Your team can easily view and analyze this data from any angle without advanced computer or database skills.

Global Capabilities

Our Advanced Vendor Management (AVM) software supports invoices in all currencies and languages. We currently manage invoices from more than 50 countries with over 200 different vendors and bill formats.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Over the years of providing outsourced technical support for mobile devices, Avema has worked hands-on with software from every major mobile security vendor. We can help you determine the best software for your specific requirements and provide full-service support whether it's hosted or on your own premises.

Training and Installation Support

Avema can help with installing MDM and MAM software on your servers and provide training on the basic functionality of the software to get you going.


Avema can help you establish corporate mobile policies and provide advice for leveraging mobile technologies to optimize the productivity of your workforce.

Managed Services

Avema provides solutions to handle day-to-day activities with mobile security software. You will provide requirements for security policies that Avema will implement in the MDM software. Additionally, Avema offers services such as:

  • Registering new devices
  • Retiring old devices
  • Updating approved/banned applications
  • Remote wipe
  • Locating lost devices
  • Troubleshooting for end users
  • Server monitoring

Service Desk For Telecom And Mobility

Avema provides full-service telecom help desk support for companies across North America. Our team works like a virtual department within your company following your policies and approval workflows. Avema works with your equipment vendors and telecom carriers managing every detail. Services performed include:

  • Move/Add/Change/Delete (MACD) orders for every type of telecom service
  • Project management for installation on new sites and decommissioning old sites
  • Procurement of all telecom services
  • Tracking inventory


  • Web, email and telephone access to the service desk
  • Online portal to track progress on tickets
  • Works seamlessly with our expense management services
  • Standard coverage of 7am to 8pm Eastern, with 24/7 emergency support

Having access to service desk allows employees to focus on their work instead of dealing with carriers, billing, equipment and software issues. In addition to technical support, Avema can manage your entire mobile infrastructure including servers and applications. Our service desk can help users with tasks including:

  • Troubleshooting equipment and software
  • Purchasing and upgrading devices and accessories
  • Managing plan features, such as travel options
  • Deployment of new devices and applications

Service Level Agreements

We guarantee our levels of support with SLAs. For example, Avema can provide:

  • 80% first call resolution.
  • 80% of calls answered within 45 seconds by a live person
  • Voice messages are responded to within 2 hours
  • Web messages and emails are responded to within 4 hours of receipt