For 20 years, mid to large sized companies have reduced their Bell, Telus, and other carrier bills by 15 to 30% by making use of our wholesale buying capabilities. This service is available to our managed service clients as well as our audit clients.

Your carriers and services will remain the same - just the billing will change. Avema leverages the overall volume of our clients' telecom spend to negotiate better rates than companies can obtain directly.

The wholesale services offered at Avema are:

  • PRIs
  • Business Lines
  • Long Distance and Toll-Free
  • SIP Trunks
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Internet Access
  • Data Networks

While dramatic savings are the most important benefit, other advantages are:

Consolidated online billing

Instead of dealing with multiple bills from every vendor, you will only receive one monthly bill for each vendor. Every bill will be available through a single online portal. Sophisticated online bill management tools View details for all your services in one place, with options for various insightful reports.

Enhanced customer support

Avema's service desk provides additional help in dealing with career issues. For more information, and to get an estimate of the savings that your organization can achieve, contact us

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